Lucha Libre (front rows), beer tacos and fun experience

Lucha Libre  (Mexican wrestling) found its popularity as a sport in the early 1900s, characterized by colorful masks and its unique high-flying maneuvers. The sport got more popular in the 50s and 60s due to a wrestler called "EL SANTO" , one of Mexican wrestling’s most legendary and beloved names until today. 

Consider that a minimum of 2 guest is required. 

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Meet up

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Lucha Libre Night show We will take you to live a Mexican tradition as aa local, We will  meet you at the venue; Arena Mexico (tuesday, friday and sunday) or Arena Coliseo (Retro show, only saturday).  and we will give you a quick history of the sport, the famous wrestlers, talk to you about the 2 teams: Rudos (Rudes) y  Técnicos (Technicals) and take you to our favorite spot to buy your own Mask* .

4 hrs



Food &


Includes :

✓ Lucha Libre tickets (excellent seats)

✓ Lucha libre expert - Host 

✓ A beer or drink per person

✓ Street tacos tasting

  • A minimum of 2 guest is required to confirm this tour. 

  • Ask us if your group is larger than > 4 guests.

  • Confirmation and payment needed 1 week before to guarantee availability of show tickets.

  • + 10% extra fee when paying with credit card.

  • Kids -13 Years old are not allowed in first rows. 

  • Kids +3 Years pay ticket.

  • ask for the price in usd, the price depends on the daily exchange rate.

  • Pickup and drop off ONLY on areas near: Downtown, Juarez, Cuauhtemoc, Roma, Condesa, Polanco and Anzures. 


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